Your Biography: a written biography of your life

The story of your life is just that – your very own biography telling your story, from birth to the present day, professionally written and quality-printed.

"Everyone has a story to tell" . . . "there's a book in every one of us." One person who is convinced of this is your biographer, Mike Truscott. In over 40 years as a full-time professional writer, he has interviewed thousands of people.

Some were rich and famous – but the great majority have been "ordinary" people. And all, when prompted, have revealed lives full of interest and inspiration.

Mike's well-honed conversational style puts you at ease throughout, ensuring that you recall all the key events in your life. Where necessary, he "teases out" the very best of you!

You simply share your memories with Mike – by phone or face-to-face. Then the magic happens! Mike "ghost-writes" your entire biography for you. He does it in the first person. That is, your story comes direct from you; it reads as though you are the writer.

If you have any queries before registering for this service, please email Mike – – or phone him on his direct line, 01326 317147. He will be very pleased to hear from you.

Biography Writing Service