Biography Writing Service: how we write your life story

You don't have to write a single word yourself! You simply enjoy sharing your memories with your biographer, Mike Truscott.

In a series of guided conversations, Mike records your memories in shorthand and then writes your life story of up to 25,000 words.

  • The material for your book is obtained through approximately 10 sessions by telephone* or Skype video calling. Each lasts about an hour. (Or face-to-face, in person, in Cornwall – see below.)
  • The sessions cover the phases of your life and the exact sequence is flexible. For instance, you may want greater emphasis on certain periods than on others.
  • When you register, Mike sends you a list of carefully chosen subject headings and Notes For Guidance. This helps you prepare for the process of reviewing your life – maybe jogging some old memories in advance!
  • If you have already made a start on writing your story, it may well provide a useful foundation for your Golden Replay project.
  • On completion of the process, Mike sends you the first draft of your biography. You notify him of any desired amendments prior to final printing in book form (hardback or paperback). A CD containing your entire manuscript is also created. This is all covered by your single registration fee.
  • Your biography can also include up to 40 photographs at no extra charge, plus photos of your choice on the front and back covers.

Although we put no pressure on you, the clear aim at our end is to complete the entire process – from first interview session to delivery of your book and CD – within four months at most, often sooner. You can also have as many extra copies of your book as you want, although this will obviously cost more.

* Mike makes the calls - there are no phone costs for you.

Come to Cornwall

If you live in Cornwall, or would like to visit this magical part of the world, you may prefer to be with Mike in person for the interview sessions.

The process is exactly the same as for telephone sessions except that you are face-to-face, either in your own home or at Mike's base in Falmouth, or wherever you may be staying in the county.

In this event, the exact number of sessions, and their duration, can be rearranged as appropriate for you. (For example, two sessions of two or three hours each – or even a whole day.) And the price is the same.

Falmouth has long been famously known as "The Gem of the Cornish Riviera" and Mike's base is just a few minutes away from the bay, beaches, harbour and waterside shops.

Biography Writing Service