Biography Cost: how much does a biography cost from Golden Replay Biographies?

You can “pay as you go,” starting with a deposit cheque (or bank transfer by arrangement) for just £380. This includes the cost of your first two interview sessions and the writing of the period of your life that they cover.

Then – but each time only when you are ready – you pay six more instalments of £380 to continue the process of interview sessions and write-ups.

This Pay As You Go plan all happens at a pace you are comfortable with; there is no pressure to go any faster than you wish.

This way, your total payment comes to £2,660 (your deposit plus six more instalments of £380).

OR, if you prefer to make a single payment, you can save £380 and just pay £2,280 with your registration.

Whichever option you select, the above prices are fixed with no unexpected extras. They include all text editing/revisions, scanning of up to 40 photographs, and the ultimate printing and delivery of the approved final version of your book, plus CD.

If you want further copies of your book, we will quote you a price based on costs at the time. Currently, extra copies are £39 per book for up to ten copies, with discounts for more.

To register now for your Golden Replay biography – the Story Of Your Life - see Your Next Step.

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